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[R] Bacon Strike Team - <Ex Inferno> Ops 1


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Bacon Strike Team [bTS] is the first OPs group from <Ex Inferno>. We aim to be a 16m Semi-Hardcore (or Semi-Casual if you prefer the half empty glass :p) raiding group but we are starting as an 8M group with bench until we can fill the full 16 roster.


Our raiding times are: Tuesday 7PM - 10pm EST and Sunday 7PM - 10pm EST.


We are currently in the looks of the following classes to fill the 8M roster:


1 Heals (Sage/Scoundre)



List will be updated as spots are filled (As we are actively recruiting and have some toons in the lvling process that will be ready for raid soon) .


If you are interested please reply to this post, visit the <Ex Inferno> thread or apply in our SITE



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Hey, my in-game tag is Sedocoi. I would love to tank for your ops group, shadow tank, got mostly 160 gear now. 32k hp i believe.


Hey Sedo!


Thanks for the interest, i will try to contact you in-game. Please also feel free to jump into our TeamSpeak server.



In other news we have covered the 2nd healer spot for 8m!

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