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The Secret Sith Order XVII now recruiting!


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Greetings all,


Here is a little background on the guild -


The Secret Sith Order XVII was formed by the pureblood Sith, who aided in the retaking of Korriban. The Sith Lord Vindican was worried that the Sith Empire may find the battle of Korriban a difficult war to win so in secret he asked a fellow Sith, Cain to create a small order of his own as a back up army just incase the Sith failed in their mission on retaking Korriban. Cain called this small community The Secret Sith Order. The Sith won the war and Korriban once again became the home of the Sith.


The Order was originally formed as a religious organization and only Sith Purebloods were allowed entry into its ranks. The purpose of the Order was to find and preserve Sith Artifacts and technology. During the early years of the Great War, the order lost many of it's Sith Lords and caused the remaining members of the Order to go into exile to prevent them from being completely wiped out. Short on members, the Order opened their ranks to non Sith Pureblood force sensitives. That is when the Sith Acolytes Crescendo and Drazo joined the ranks of the secret Order. They were both selected by prominent members of the organization to be apprentices.


Crescendo and Drazo quickly moved through the ranks of the small organization, before executing Cain and taking control of the organization themselves. They quickly opened the ranks of the Order to non force sensitives, turning the Order into a Sith/Military organization. They then modified the purpose of the Order to include spreading the influence of the Empire, and eradicating all its enemies.


The Order then threw themselves headlong into the war, proving themselves time and again to be an elite force to be reckoned with on and off the battlefield. Composed of diplomats, soldiers, assassins, and powerful Sith, the Order was quickly rising in numbers. When Crescendo and Drazo took over the Order, they numbered at under a hundred, by the end of the war the Order would number at over a thousand. It was on this time that Corress brought together some of the most cunning, ruthless and powerful Sith the galaxy had ever seen and called them the seventeen (XVII).


To house these new forces, and in recognition of their service the Order were given a flagship of their own. With their new home, the Order became more detached from their ancestral homeworld, and moved across the Galaxy terrorizing the enemies of the Empire, and cleaning up messes the main forces could not. This all changed after the war, when a group of renegade Republic loyalists and Jedi Masters began acting up in Sith Space.


The Order volunteered to handle the issue, having putt down dozens of similar groups since the wars end. Upon arrival, they found that this group of Jedi was not a simple group of vagabonds that could be swiped away. The Flagship was lost, as well as hundreds of members that died as the ship was disabled and ultimately destroyed in an embarrassing chase. The XVII Sith were wiped out, Crescendo and Drazo survived.


Because of their failure, the Order fell out of favor with the Sith Empire. Furious, they plotted their vengeance. The Order set a trap for the Jedi on their flagship, the trap was both a success and failure. Both the Jedi and the Secret Sith Order suffered heavy losses, but the Sith had tasted their vengeance.


After this incident, the Order have relocated back to their ancestral homeworld of Korriban, and reopened their ranks and begun recruiting mercenaries to join their organization to fill the gap left by the Jedi. Drazo has gone to Dromund Kaas to seek favor with the Empire again, as Crescendo stays behind to seek out new members to rebuild The Secret Sith Order XVII once more.


OOC Info


The Secret Sith Order is a Roleplaying PVE guild on the Empire. In-character the guild is an elite taskforce lead by sith juggernauts Crescendo and Drazo. At launch the guild has suffered a recent failure in an attempt to exact vengeance on the republic. Our members have been spread thin, and we have been all but eliminated. Because of this our members have scattered across the galaxy to recruit new members, and regain favor with the Sith Empire so we can rise once more.


Story-wise the Secret Sith Order is both a Sith and Military organization that employs mercenaries in the hope of bringing these fighters into the sith ranks. Our goals are to seek out and preserve sith artifacts and technology, spread the influence of the Sith Empire, and eradicate all enemies in their way. Your character must be in tune with these goals, and be a useful asset to the group.


We offer a roleplaying and PVE atmosphere for all players who wish to join, as long as their character's can fit within the guild.


Sith Inquisitors and Warriors both will enter as either apprentices or full fledged Sith willing to do the bidding of their masters in the Order.


Imperial Agents are considered to be part of the Imperial Military upon joining, and are among the most useful assets in our arsenal.


Bounty Hunters will be considered mercenaries upon joining, signing a contract with the organization. They will also become part of the Sith Military.


Our order will spread it's roleplay across multiple mediums. It will take place in game, as well as on our forums. Members can choose to only take part in one of these on a regular basis, assuming of course they stay in-character at all times while in game.


Attention-seeking behavior, rampant disrespect, and not respecting the boundaries of others are all unacceptable. If somebody asks you to stop, stop, even if they are not an officer. Inter-guild drama is also unacceptable, this is especially true for our official opposition on the Republic. This is a game and we are all here to have fun. People who repeatedly cause trouble will be removed.


We are looking for mature players. We do not believe maturity is measured in years, but by your actions. A mature 16 year old is more valuable than an immature 20-something year old. We like to have fun as much as anyone else, but when the time comes to be serious we need everyone to join in.


Please visit website - http://www.thesecretsithorderxvii.enjin.com


Force sensitive ranks-


A. Sith Initiates- Must be at least level 15. You will be tested on your knowledge of the order, and its history. You must be a willing roleplayer, and be willing to learn about the rules, and customs of the guild. You are allowed, and expected to attend all training sessions, lectures, and meetings. This is the rank you should start looking for a master and you will be advised to do so.


C. Sith Acolyte - Must be at least level 31. At this point you will be further tested on your knowledge of the order, and its history. You are expected to have a firm grasp of the workings of the Order and to be disciplined, and have a superior understand of things compared to the lower rank of Initiate. You are expected to help all new Initiates learn the ways of the Order, however keep in mind, you are NOT in charge of them, as you have no authority for that in this rank. You will address problems they have, and try and deal with them without needing the council, or the Lords to step in. At this point you should now have a master.


D. Sith Knight – Must be level 41. You are in charge of the ranks below you and must help lower ranks by giving them a better understanding of the guild and history. You are still a student to the academy and still are required to attend classes and lectures. You are expected to be well trained by now, and an authority figure amongst the lower ranks. You are now in charge of the lower ranking members of the order, dealing with problems from Acolyte, and below. You are also allowed to request training to become a mentor for classes at this rank, however it is not required that you do so. You are not able to become a council member just yet and you are still required to request to speak in meetings, and are not allowed to speak as freely.


E. Sith Lord – Must be level 55. in order to be accepted as a Lord in our order you must be a fully trained apprentice by a current Sith Lord and complete the final trials (see the 'Masters and Apprentices' post) This rank is the rank at where you may potentially be considered for council. Just because you are a master, DOES NOT mean you are a council member. You will not ask any Lord, or current council member about becoming a council member, if you are selected for that role, you will be informed. At this rank, you have authority over every rank under yours, and you are expected to deal with problems from Knights and below. At this rank you may comment more freely at meetings, and other such events, however you are still required to ask for permission to speak directly to the guild. You are now referred to as "lord" and need not return /bows to ranks lower than your own.


For information on the Council please read the 'Council Member' thread of our forums!


Master and apprentices -


The order is split between two councils. These are the regular 'Council' and the 'Dark Council'. . The Dark Council consists of seventeen Sith Lords (hence the name of the guild 'The Secret Sith Order XVII). The Dark Council executes the Dark Lords commands, acts as advisor’s to the Dark Lords, and lead the Order in the absence of the Dark lord or within those area where the Dark Lord has delegated commands to the Dark Council. Usually it is the Dark Council who are responsible for maintain important but hard work duties such as arranging meetings and events, setting up lectures and training exercises, interviewing potential members and so on. Only the Dark Lords can grant a Sith in the seat at the Dark Council and usually the assignment is for life. The Dark Council should be addressed as Darth.


The regular Council is in a way a shadow entity to the Dark Council. The purpose of the Council is to be the eyes, ears, and hands of the Dark Council. The Council has no limit to the amount of seats available.


Becoming a regular council member is the most difficult task to undertake in the order. You are hand picked by the current council and Lords for this. This position is one of great honor, and demands respect. Here, the Lords, as well as the council make all the decisions within the order. In order to become a council member, you will be selected. Do not ask to become one. If you are selected for a potential council seat, you are given trials, and must complete several other tasks that will be assigned to you by the current council, and Lords. If you are selected for this great honor, what you must do will be revealed to you at the time of your potential selection. Remember, being selected for this position, ONLY MEANS we are considering you for it. It does not mean you are guaranteed to become a council member, it only means you are being considered for it, and will be given a chance to pursue the tasks necessary to become a councilor. The Lords may take back their offer to you if at any time they feel you are unworthy of such an honor.


In order to join the council, you will need to be interviewed by a current council member. The council member will look at your skill to roleplay. Council members will also look at how you interact overall, they will be looking to see if you roleplay all the time. A good recruit should be roleplaying ALL the time, NOT just when encountering a lord. If your roleplaying ability is not good enough you will be denied advancement, and denied the trials to become a Councilor, and you will stay at your current rank. You will however be allowed to interview again after one week. If you pass your initial interview, you will be given the trials, which you will need to complete. Once you have completed the Trials, you will be REQUIRED to do a 2nd interview with a different council member that did your first interview. You could also be chosen to be interviewed by the Lords or the Dark Lords, so be prepared and make sure you roleplay is at a high standard.


The interview process is to ensure that ONLY roleplayers are on the council, as this is a roleplaying guild. So please ensure that you are constantly improving your roleplaying skills, as well as showing proper respects to lords and council members alike. As you are aware, it is customary to bow to council members, and to bow to lords and call them by "lord" or "my lord" this keeps the roleplay feel of the guild up, and you will want the same respect when you have obtained that rank.


Dark Lord of the Sith

The Dark Lords are the High Lords of the Order, the supreme rulers and leaders of every member within it. Their word is absolute, it may not and cannot be questioned. The Dark Lords supervise and direct the Dark Council. There can only ever be two Dark Lords and they cannot be overthrown.



Dark Lord Of The Sith


May the force be with you.


Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

Through passion, I gain strength.

Through strength, I gain power.

Through power, I gain victory.

Through victory, my chains are broken.

The Force shall free me.

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