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Why doesn't Manaan have any Cantina ? And what about Cantinas Rishi & YAvon 4 ?


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I have visited Manaan for the very first time now, so to say.


What struck me was the complete lack of any Cantina-like place.


I usually "park" my characters on planets for a while, and since Manaan doesn't have any Cantina, I can't.

Or, better, I can, but it doesn't make too much sense without any Cantina. However, given the great open space on what's visible there, I think that it would be easy to decicate a small place for that, wouldn't it ?

The elements for that should already be in the game.


Plus, I'd like to have a similar place - a Cantina-like thing - on Oricon as well, but there in the shape of a tent, because a tent would fit much better there. It would have to be a big tent, though.


Makeb has a similar problem : No Cantinas at all !

Although, on the positive side, all of the "Landing Area" of Makeb already *is* a "Resting Place" ...


And I have no idea what will be with Rakata Prime, Rishi, and Yavin 4 ... I want Cantinas and / or "Resting Places" similar to that there as well !


It should add up to the immersion. There ARE still a few people doing RP in SWTOR ( even although Bioware still refuses to build in a Chat Log for RP Sessions but has a Combat Log for Combat Sessions for such a long time now ) ...



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Having a cantina in either the republic's ... plantation? or the empire's secret base wouldn't make much sense. Talaos City is crumbling. Oricon is a bloody war zone, with both factions landing beleaguered strike teams that have better things to do than set up cantinas (like not dying). And if you can't RP outside of cantinas, you're not a very good RPer.


That said, Rishi should have cantinas. Yavin 4, not so much. It's a bloody jungle.

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Well, I used the term "Cantina" partially as a symbol for "Resting Area".


I'd really like to park my Chars there.


And Oricon *does* have areas which could fit into that : The "training area" of the bases ...


And, besides, the landing zone of the Republic on Manaan doesn't look much like "crumbling town" to me ...

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