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end game gearing


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So Im currently gearing my sith juggernaut class, I went with a dps build choosing the middle of the three paths available for juggernauts.

As Im mainly doing lightsaber attacks I deviced to get mods with alot of crit, accuracy and surge to increase my burst damage.

Im finding the end game gearing quite disappointing though considering the gear available from the vendors are very limited when it comes to the built in mods. Im either forced to get tanking gear or stack alot of gear with power and alacrity, giving up crit and accuracy in the process. This is quite confusing, as its making farming for end game commendations really not worth it, well you can get armoring mods that you can remove from the gear provided and craft it on your current gear but even then its quite difficult to find mods and enhancements with the proper stats.

Do I have to farm credits and buy the modifications I need or what?

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Generally, Power is worth much more than Critical for any build that doesn't rely on critically for buff procurement (the only example I can think of right now is Seer/Corruption trees, who are healers and benefit from Alacrity), and Accuracy is only good until you get 100% in weapon attacks, so the way I see it, the problem is your secondary stat prioritization.
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Here's some very good information regarding Jugg dps.




The way this game has always been, is that they want you to farm a plethora of comms, mix and match what you need. In other words, in some cases, you'll have to spend comms on one piece and use only the enhancement, modifier or just the armoring, discard the rest, use it on companion or just sell it.


I would follow the information provided in that link though. As mentioned above, Power is usually the best route.

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If you wait until 55 to gear for 55, you're going to be behind the power curve.




Don't wait until 55 to gear for 55. Need to think about three milestones: Level 50, 53 and 55. With most classes (DPS especially), upgrading your barrel / hilt should be priority # 1.


1) Here are some goals to set:


a) PvP comms: 1400 regular commendations, 2600 ranked. (Don't spend until 55)


b) Planetary comms: As close to 100 as possible for when you hit level 50


c) Basic Comms: 175 minimum (Do not spend until 55)


d) Classic Comms: If you can accumulate some - great - but not a priority (unless you like the look). Be advised there is a set bonus difference between classic gear and Arkanian.


2) You hit 50, now what?


a) Remember in 1)b) we talked about Planetary comms? Now's the time to go spend them at the Makeb planetary vendor (located on fleet)


b) (level 50) Flash points. You want to start doing these in order to accumulate 175 Basic comms


c) Any and all raids that you can join. EV (SM/HM), KP (SM/HM) Most groups will let you need to your heart's content.


3) You hit 53, now what?


a) Now you can upgrade to (66) crafted to include barrel / hilt. This will be a significant power and HP boost from your old gear. Get as much (66) as you can.


b) Continue to raid as per 2) c).


3) Check GTN for (66) Blue gear (esp. Earpiece and Implants)


4) You just hit 55, now what?


a) Take the PvP comms to the PvP vendor. You are looking (first) for Conqueror relics (700 regular comms each), then upgrade at the vendor right next door for 1 Conqueror Relic and 1300 ranked comms. (Currently these are BIS in game (12/31/2013)


b) Take your basic comms and purchase five (5) Isotope-5 "tubes". (They look like a test tube filled with Mt Dew). Get in on a SM TFB or SM S & V. Completing either for the first time rewards you with Mass Manipulation Generator. You will need five Isotope-5s', one MMG and some minor items for a (72) Hilt / Barrel.


At this point you should be in all (66) crafted (minimum) with the exception of your MH (72) and relics (78 equiv). If you have the credits, check the GTN for Ear and Implants (54-55). Often they are sold very cheap (20k)


Continue to raid. While it is up to you, I recommend your first purchase with Ultimates (78) is your OH. (esp Marauder and BH).

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Lothar's info is outdated. Buy 140 mods for planetary comms from the Makeb vendor, once you're lvl 55 and have a full or mostly full 140 set, go to Oricon and do the planetary storyline there. Team up with someone else doing the quests to make it a bit easier. Oricon will give you a rating 156 armour set -- helmet, chest, gloves, greaves and boots. Buy bracers, implants, earpieces and belt for credits on the GTN or do HM flashpoints and hope for a lucky drop.


After that, you're ready for all SM operations except for Dread Fortress and Dread Palace. Read up on the tactics, mention you're new and ask for explanations of the boss fights and join a run of Terror from Beyond or Scum and Villainy. If you're feeling adventurous or have a guild willing to take you, you can also do Dread Fortress and Dread Palace (remember to pick up the one-time quests for all!). If you got lucky with needing on the Arkanian gear tokens that drop, you should now be in mostly 162 gear and have your set-bonus. Get your relics by doing PvP: DPS should go for Serendipituous Assault and Focused Retribution.


After that and in addition to that, you can use the Elite and Ultimate commendations you'll earn to buy comms gear. It's usually worse than the operations gear drops, and even 162 armorings with your proper set-bonus are better than comm-bought 180 armorings without, so don't replace those. If you have credits or the materials, get yourself a crafted 180 hilt for your lightsaber. With at least 162 in every slot, you should be ready for HM operations.


As for what stats to go for, follow Dulfy's guide linked above. I don't know the specifics for jugg DPSers, but generally you want to stack Accuracy until you have as close to 100% Melee accuracy as possible, stack Surge until you have about 68-74% critical multiplier, stack 200-400 Critical rating, and pour everything else into Power.

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