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Open world/competetive pvp in TOR is nonexistent.


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The title says it all.


As things stand........


- The community has been devided through instancing to the point that every zone is empty which has killed off open-world pvp and just social interaction in general (it also defeats the whole purpose of even having a monthly Sub, last game that did things this way was Guild Wars which was FREEEE to play)

- Pre-mades are prohibited (youre actually forced to exploit just so you can play with friends in this so called ''MMO'')

- Everything is handed out for free (no standing/level/rating whatever requirements for anything)

- No rewards for playing for the objective in BGs (just score in Huttball a few times or plant some charges in Voidstar and see for yourself how ''generous'' youre rewards are compared to the guy whos just ganking people.

- No rated bgs/arenas (even competing for a simple leaderboard spot would do)

- No incentives to do any open-world headbashing (afcourse you would have to cut back on the instancing first otherwise its pointless)

- Ranged classes constantly shooting through walls and objects.

- Ubearable GCDs that take ages with pointless animations that youre forced to watch (A 4 sec stun on my 43 JShadow means i can land 1hit on a guy before hes free)


Im sure more can be added to this list.


To cut things short, on top of some simple imbalances theres nothing to strive or compete for as a PVPer in TOR. I would even go as far as to say that Bioware is trying to cut off any form of competetive PVP.

PVErs get all these amazing voiced quests, flashpoints, and group quests but PvP feels like some tacked-on afterthought.

And to add insult to injury Bioware just announced they are working on more.......wait for it......................WARZONES!! :(

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Haven't they stated that they are going to be making Ranked Wzs? The game has been out for 4 days man, alot of the player base is ONLY interested in leveling, world pvp will come when max level hits and people are bored/ready to fight


Give it a little time before you bash, the instancing was put there so people could learn before getting curbed over and over, even still if you want to gank you can; but there has never really been any "reward" for this, even in the top MMOs, you don't really gain much if anything at all.


As for full premades in the pug pool, faction hit the nail on the head, you can do 4 people; if that is not enough to turn the game in your favor, you are doing something wrong.


Also, faction, good sentinel pvp video.

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Ilum will only get better and better as more people hit 50.





PvP – We have an entire team dedicated to adding content and features to player vs. player. We have some of the most experienced PvP developers in the world on this team. So far very few people have seen, or know much about the stunning Open World PVP on Ilum; when you get to the high levels prepare to be blown away! In addition to that high level PVP content, expect new Warzones and new PvP features on a regular basis.
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How is anybody supposed to have an open mind for the future if Bioware does nothing but throw these vague announcements at us?

For example, their solution for things like no open-world pvp, class imbalances, horrible lagg in Warzones etc is more Warzones and Ilum.




Its like trying to cure cancer by smoking more cigarettes.

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World PvP is in a sad spot. We had a group of at level players on Tatooine and we decided to raid anchor head for kicks.


After destroying a few random republic toons we found it....Anchorhead.


Charge!!!!! the shouts rang from the back and we ran head long at the city.


Retreat!!!! another cry came.


"Exahustion Zone turn back now!" the game said. Our whole party was wiped by a system message, not Lightsabers or Blaster fire........World PvP indeed.....


How are we going to have any kind of world PvP if we can even get to where the enemies are?


Bush league BW........bush league....

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