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Thank You


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Despite all the negativity that tends to sprout on MMO forums, I just wanted to get on here and say thank you to bioware. There are a couple things in particular that I am thankful for.


First, and the main thing, is that I am thankful you implemented such an amazing crafting and gathering system. There is nothing more annoying than taking my valuable play time to be forced to gather. When I log on, I want to pvp, pvp, and pvp some more, and I'm thankful you implemented a system that allows me to do what I want to do, without any of the stupid crafting downtime.


Second, thank you for the amazing storyline, and the wonderful voice-overs. This is a new concept in MMO's, and it truly is wonderful. Thanks for putting time into your storyline, instead of doing what most companies do. A drab storyline that makes me read text. *Yawn*


Lastly, thank you for acknowledging pvp. Both world and instanced. When I'm done with your storyline, there is little left to entertain me in a game but pvp, and I'm glad you are acknowledging that pvp is an integral part of your game. I hope to see some new instances from you in the future, and hopefully, additional world pvp incentives.


So, thanks for making a good game Bioware, and keep improving. You still have a long way to go!

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