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Idea: Jet Charge and Grapple to swap places


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Since there are a lot of class changes on the way, I hope this one could be a good idea too:


Swap Jet Charge and Grapple - so that Jet Charge would be a general Powertech skill, and Grapple a Shield Tech tanking tool.


As a dps Grapple is useful sometimes, but often to be avoided due to threat.

As powertech dps (close-mid range dps), I really feel a lack Jet Charge, especially as a Pyro that has no speed buffs.


Sith Warriors have their jump ability for all specs, and pull for the tank spec. This should be the same on the Powertech.


I think this would change would make sense and add a lot of fun and speed to dps specs.


What do you think? If you like this idea, let's try to make the devs aware of such a suggestion while the class changes are on the way.

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warriors dont have a Pull. that is tank spec sins/shadows.



also they are not soliciting the community for ideas. they are changing to disciplines in a attempt to remove hybrids and regulate the classes in order to "balance' (wink wink) the classes better

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Thanks for the replies.


True that, I got the Warrior thing mixed up. Been a while since I played SWTOR.

I am not much of a forum dweller, so didn't think to search for previous posts about this topic.


I guess not much of a chance for this then. A shame, while jet is not as necessary for Pyro as for a pure melee character, I do feel a bit too little dynamism moving from target to target.

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