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The MMORPG Legacy Giveaway


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For months now I have been doing weekly credit giveaways. To date I have given away 8,500,000. Starting January 3rd 2015, I was planning on doing a weekly giveaway of 10 million credits, but as I do not use bots or have Chinese boys in my basement credit farming, (insert inappropriate joke here) I have to do it myself and find it really boring, so instead I've decided to start giving away 500,000 credits every time I stream, split into five draws of 100,000 credits each. Open to all servers.


My stream schedule is whenever I feel like it, but as SWTOR is my crack, I might as well stream everyday, but probably only for 3hrs. So 500,000 x 7 = 3.5 million a week, (math is hard) which makes it very manageable. Once I have a nice warchest of credits on all 17 servers, I will increase my credit giveaways.


So is the reason why I am giving away all these credits is because I am a nice guy? No! I am an evil person. So then why give these credits away? Because apparently I am so bad at PvP, I need to compensate viewers to watch it.


I am so bad at PvP, I get called a troll, told not to Q again, uninstall, I hope you get cancer, please just die & reported for being bad at PvP.


Now what most of you might find disturbing of all is, I also stream Galactic Starfighter. Yeah I know, 95% of you hate it! :(





Using a referral link gets new players a Jumpstart Bundle, previous subscribers who have been unsubscribed for at least 90 days, get a Preferred Friends Bundle, seven days of subscription level access & one Complimentary Character Transfer. http://www.swtor.com/r/4zLzTd




Updated on December 1st, 2014:


Starting January 2nd 2015, this will be my schedule:


Fridays: 8am to 2pm & 4pm to 8pm PST

Saturdays: 8am to 6pm PST

Sundays: 4pm to 8pm PST


2 million credits will be given away during each stream, split into 20 draws of 100,000 credits each. Open to all servers.


On Fridays & Saturdays there will be 2 draws every hour & on Sundays, 5 draws every hour.


Type credits in chat to enter, which is case sensitive. If you win, type the server, toon's name & whether it is a Republic or Imperial player in chat. I will then record your Twitch username & information, & during the final hour of the stream will mail the credits to all the winners. Takes up to 1 hour to process.


If there are 20 active contestants or less during any draw, a no backsies rule will take force on winning back-to-back draws.


Credit Giveaways So Far: $19,000,000

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Since this post I've done 2 streams. One where I gave away 500K & another where I gave away 1 million credits.


I turned losing Solo Rank matches into a fun thing where if I lose, I give away 100K. I'm wondering if that should always be the case or just a once in awhile thing.


I've now given away $10 million credits across all 17 servers. :)

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