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Priority Mission Board/Drop Box perk


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I would love not to have to go to Coruscant/DK or the fleet to grab dailies. So I suggest a pair of Priority Mission unlocks.


The first would be a Legacy Perk (say level 20?) for your ship that can be unlocked with Credits or Cartel Coins.

The second would be a stronghold deco. I would suggest it be available with Comm (Fleet or Warzone), oe maybe Cartel/Bounty certs.


Both would look the same, the board and drop box combo from the fleet. They would allow you to pick up and deposit missions like the Emerging Conflicts series, Daily PVP, Daily/Weekly Starfighter, and Weekly Group Finder (any others that should be on there?)


I think this would be a nice general boost for players, and help cut down traffic on the fleet.

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