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I wish 3.0 would have:


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A return of the 360 degree overload.


A return to triggers at the end of an animation instead of the beginning.


A different animation for "pebble storm", otherwise known as telekinetic throw.


Legacy "fade out" travel option for travel to and from shuttle launchpoints once unlocked, Makeb style.


Group summon for folks in a group on the same planet, same instance, non flagged, open world (non instance).


Legacy bank (storage for credits across legacy).


3 more Legacy storage tabs.


Access to appearance modifier kiosk for companions.


More body types, taller and shorter heights, face tattoos, glowing red and orange eyes and scars (like blind eye).


Priority travel terminal for strongholds.


Legacy unlock to remove "fog of war" for planet maps on planets you have already completely explored.


Exit starship using control on bridge instead of airlock door.


4th tier for craftable armor/gear to Orange adaptable level 1 empty armor/gear.


Removal of level 6 mats from 51+ planet resource spawns, faster spawns.


Holographic statues for purchasing abilities prior to Disciplines converted to Mod sellers.


Addition of level 5 tier for craftable mods.


Legacy unlock for micro speeder available to all subscribed players at level 1, 70 percent speed increase.


Ability to choose color of UI, options of current blue, red, yellow, white, green, purple, orange.


A hood as an Orange adaptable level 1 headgear piece, allowing us to add a hood to any chest piece.


Holographic disguises, outside combat and cutscenes, normal color (not blue glowie) that makes us appear as a jawa, wookie, etc.

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A bunch of Edgar Allen Poe fans, ya think?


Hahahah : D sory, I just edited it, it was 4 in the morning when I made the post, was very tired, so mixed up the letters : P By the way, Edgar Allen Poe would support my idea of Revan faction for sure : P


I have no clue why ppl so vs this idea..

I already see that the most players who I team up, are walk on Revan's path..


How many Jedi choose to kill there objective till there class mission dialog and eat the dark points, and how many servan of the empire choos to betrade it's master and offer life for light points.

Who don't go for the most power aka best gear in game?

Who select "pass" in the end of the fp, operation for a purple crafting mat, exclusive powercrystal, or to any non class connected purple loot?

Who don't grind in this game for ultimate power, and he just handle Corellia side quests at lvl 55 to serv the republic?

And the list could go on, what would proof, that 80% of you actually knee to Revan, or wanna be like him , )

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