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Crafting relegated to garbage heap


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As directed by your dev team, I am bringing this item here. My Artifice just receied an arkanian Relic of Focused Retribution. But here's the rub, since I already have better, and I'm Artifice, I thought I'd just RE it and learn the schematic. But it's got "NO RESEARCH AVAILABLE". So now we're making items unresearchable?


I thought maybe crafting was getting a little love when you added the stuff to conquests, but there are so few items to buy with Dark projects, that we all have hundreds of those Invasion forces sitting around now, and they're worthless. But the mats we used to make them aren't.


My suggestions for crafting:


Make most items researchable for crafters, and stop putting every item we can craft on the Cartel Market. Make those items different.


Make more items that can be purchased with Dark Projects.


The crafting boxes that are purchaseable with fleet comms used to have grade 7 and 8 items in them (and are still advertised to do so) but ever since the addition of the grade 9 boxes, the only things I've seen in the grade 6-8 boxes are common grade 6 stuff available everywhere. Put the grade 7 and 8 stuff back in the boxes. You know: Rakata energy nodes and things like that. They used to be there, now they're not.


They're so hard to get, the grade 7 and 8 items, that they've gone from vendor trash to 75k each.


You guys think so hard about game balance when it comes to skills (as it should be) but you have totally neglected the crafting aspect. To the point that it's broken and nearly useless. Definitely unbalanced.

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The Arkanian Relic of Focused Retribution comes from the one time quest reward from DF or DP. These relics never were re-able. Also it gives 95 primary stat only so aside from it being the only way to get one of them, the stats are completely under par.


Any arkanian relics you get from actual drops can be re'd. The relics are totally screwed up atm especially since for 700 warzone comms you can get Obroan PvP Relics which are better than Arkanian and about equally good as Underworld Relics in PvE and since they basically allow you to get two Obroan Relics dead easy the whole point of crafting Arkanian and Underworld Relics has always been screwed. Only staunch PvP haters who can't do PvP for an evening or two would get crafted relics of that rating....and of course people who have no clue about gearing.


Even if they fixed the Arkanian Relics, what's the point? Obroan are better. The real kicker is that PvE relics don't trigger effects in PvP but the PvP relics do trigger in PvE...


It just makes no sense.

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Interestingly, I use the Obroan. It's vastly superior.


My main point, which was only jettisoned to my attention by this item, is that crafting is more broken than not. Some mats need to be far less rare, and a much larger pool of items must be purchaseable with Dark Projects.

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