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Collections Interface Suggestions


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The collections Interface needs some work and I have been giving some thought to features/abilities I would like to see it pick up.


- Ability to only view items and sets that are currently in your collection and/or are ready to be added to your collection. Right now it requires a lot of searching to find what is in your collections and you have to re-learn its location each time a new batch of items is added.


- A way to track what Items you have already collected of a set so you know which items you still need to find. Call it a partial set search/check.


- A search bar that you can enter the name, or partial name, of a item/set in your collection


- An option that would let us buy an unbound item/set out of our collection that we could sell at a cost between either the amount that we had to spend to add it to our collection or up to 2x that cost. Perhaps put a cool down time on this option to prevent market flooding that is tied to the account.

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