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garrisons and a new planet


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The system WoW have with the new expansion, its a kind of a copy paste from swtor... 100 companions, you send them in missions, you edit their gear and its actually what we asking from BW, for more than 2 years now... instances for companions, etc, raids..


I would preffer to make a system controlling our own gang, agency, criminal organization in Nar shadaa and other planets... again send them in missions, etc and have a kind of conquest versus other players with them...


that would be nice.


All in all, I believe the new WOW expansion is a gathering of elements from other mmos that people like most.


What people love from swtor? Companions and story, we also got our strongholds now, so...here you are. At the same time, its not a new desire to have companion raids and more complex things... So blizzard decided to expand it a bit more to that idea. People asking elements fro the garrison system, for a long time now.

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