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Question about 12x class exp leveling


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If you feel that a personal boycott of SWTOR is in your best interests, I applaud your decision. Unlike many here, I don't dedicate all of my gaming time to SWTOR. Quite to the contrary, even while playing SWTOR, I still maintain active subscriptions to two other games. They *ALL* have their strengths and weaknesses, and you should play the one that you feel best fits your personal gaming preferences.


12x EXP isn't for everyone, but for many of is it's been an awesome opportunity to return to the game and enjoy one of the things we most enjoy, the storyline, without the encumberances of having to grind useless side quests.


Referring back to your original post in this thread, I respectfully disagree that EXP boosting events are terrible for this game. I think that it's great for the game, since it brings in new players, and encourages veteran players to revisit areas that they rarely travel to anymore. It populates lower level planets, and provides experienced player assistance for newer arrivals.


It isn't a boycott, I simply like challenging games more than ones that blindly hand you an 'I win' button. That is why I left WoW, and is why I might not stay with SWTOR. I want a game that is damn hard to even get to max level, not one that lets you get to be 'the best' in a day or two.


I know that my opinion is just that - my opinion. Not everyone has fun the same way, and I am absolutely not saying my way of thinking is how anyone else should feel. I do think EXP boosting events are terrible because they water the game down, make it easier (and anything easier is not as fun). EXP boosting events bring people to the game who enjoy easier, more casual gameplay, which are people I don't enjoy playing with.

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