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Have Higher LvL Quests/mobs gotten harder with patch??


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Sorry for the double post... I posted this in customer service when I meant to post here...


Have Higher LvL Quests/mobs gotten harder with the latest patch??

Like most people who have pre purchased the expansion... I am taking advantage of the 12x XP

If you look at my signature you can see that I have a lot of Alts... I've LVL'd a few more in the last 3 weeks and have noticed since the latest patch that certain mobs at higher lvls are harder to kill...

My wife got stuck today finishing a class quest that I had done last week on the same class of character... She was lvl 47... The quest was lvl 48... I made a joke of L2P when she kept dying... Of course that wasn't the best thing to do... LoL... She said if I was so good that I shouldn't have a problem and would love to watch me do it...

Now considering I had only done the same quest last week before the patch and breezed through it at lvl 47 with blue lvl 39-43 gear and my wife had all purple up to date gear... I was pretty confident

Next thing I'm dead... I cried out In frustration... and wow didn't my wife laugh hard

So I tried again... I got her through... But it was definitely harder than what it was only a week ago

I jumped onto one of my lvl 50 toons I decided I could power lvl through Makeb... I'd just LVL'd another one last week from 47 to 55 in about 1 hour that had blue lvl 45-48 gear... The lvl 50 I jumped on with had full lvl 50 purple gear... I'd not done any Makeb quests with this Alt so I was starting from the beginning... I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me or I was having a bad day... But the mobs and the quests seemed harder and I had to pay proper attention for once... LoL

I asked around and some others mentioned they thought the same thing but didn't want to say anything in case it was just them

This seems to only be since the last patch...

My question is.... Has Bio changed/added data in the last patch in preparation for the expansion so that increase in lvl from 50 to 60 is a bit harder and this has some how effected the meta... I know when they did the last expansion the settings were up and those high lvl quests had to be dialled back a bit...

It's the only reason I can see for such a change in a week...

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Haven't noticed anything different. Leveled in green mods all the way, the only things that caused me any difficulty were large elite droids on Corellia.
Same for me.

Just using junk greens off the GTN for leveling, many of them were 3-7 levels below my level.

The only thing that's cause any sort of problem for me was that Consular class mission on Quesh that's WAY harder than it should be.

Everything else has been smooth sailing.

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