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Bob-Voss the ex-revanite companion


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BioWare said a long time ago that they had some plans for the "grey side", but we have not seen anything for playable characters yet. We have revanites and voss in the game who are grey, but no Jolee Bindo type companions (to my knowledge). So I though it might be cool to have something like this in the coming expansion: A voss force-sensitive person came into contact with revanites at some point, thought what they are doing made sense. There could be a story arc spanning the expansion where this character interacts and confronts the player as the introduction. When we defeat the revanites in the end, we can spend some coins/credits to track down and recruit the companion. Affection would reveal more insight into voss and revanite view of the Force: how they are similar and how they are different. I don't personally care about romance and whether it's hetero-only, but that could also be there.
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