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Stronghold companions in NS Stronghold now invisible


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Whatever happened during Tuesday's patch made ALL companions invisible in the Nar Shadaa stronghold. Whether the companions of the toon presently logged or the dreaded holoform of alt companions, they are all INVISIBLE. The logged toon is able to pickup/place the companion (once located) but it does not show in any form when logged on another toon. Moreover, other toon's companions are similarly gone.


Please tell me this is a bug.


I just want the option to display companions of alts in full, not holo, form. Not to get rid of them. And certainly not to get rid of my own companions!


With companions and full figured alts: Stronghold will look amazing

With companions and alt holos: Place looks like a ghost town

Without any companions at all: Place looks deserted ... like a model home. Meh PLEASE FIX!!!

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My npcs seem to be fine in the NS stronghold, prob cause i dont use the companions though


The non-targetable NPCs (guards, dancers, waitress, serving droid, pets) are still fine. It's the NPCs that are targetable (companions, med droids, Felusia, jawas, prefab droids, bartender) which are bugged right now.

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