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<Jedi Aint Sith> Recruiting for the Imp Side with ambitions for Flagship


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To all,


<Jedi Aint Sith> Is currently recruiting for the Imperial Side. We are looking for quality, loyal players who share like-minded ambitions to one day own a Flagship for guild conquests. We will primarily focus on on PVE content such as end-game Ops and FPs. Our goal is to grow together and fight together to achieve common objectives throughout our experiences in the world of Star Wars. Here is our guild advertisement:


<Jedi Aint Sith> is currently recruiting. New guild with ambitions to get into a guild Flagship within a month or two. We have TS3 comms & looking to recruit those serious enough to compete and team up to achieve common in-game objectives.


As the guild manager, I'm also looking to conduct in-game guild events to encourage guild activity such as RP events, officer meetings in conference rooms across the galaxy, raffles, and TS3 VoIP meetings to discuss the guild's vision and brainstorm on how to best achieve the guild's goals. I'm hoping to have a guild that everyone from the grunt to the GM can take pride in and have a vote in how the guild can serve the players. Guilds that share a common objective are willing to sacrifice together and work together to flourish and I hope you find that in <Jedi Aint Sith>


The first few players will be interviewed over TS3 (or in-game if comms are not available) in order to establish a strong initial cadre of players in the guild. Those who go through the interview will act as my officers (but without officer privileges until trust is established). Consider this an honor and an investment to build a guild to take pride in from the ground up!


***All potential recruits should have a headset to use for TeamSpeak 3 for guild comms. This will eventually be required because it allows information to travel quicker through and newer players to ask questions and get their questions answered efficiently and effectively. Further, TS3 will also be required for end-game FPs and Ops later in our future.


***Our website is a work in progress, but is still checked regularly for applications. Please submit an application for recruitment. The application is there so I can screen applicants to see whose serious, their character, and information that will help me to place them where they're needed in the guild roles.




See You At Fleet,



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We're growing fast! We're willing to share this awesome guild with others....We've got:


- Guild Website

- Guild Stronghold

- TS3 comms

- Guild Bank & repairs

- We're new-player friendly


We're also a leveling/casual guild with intentions to get into running guild FPs and Ops.


-Emperor Werkman

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