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What are 3 abilities you'd add to your favorite class?


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I love the marksman sniper. Always have enjoyed playing the long-range DPS classes. Now I know that these abilities would be game breaking and will never, EVER, be implemented, but I still think they'd be cool as they would add to the sniper-esque feel of the class.


1. Base range 50 meters, with a max range of 100 meters. I'd put a 10% accuracy debuff for every 10 meters over 50, so if you have 100% accuracy as 50m, the best you'd have is a coin flip 50/50 shot at 100m.


2. Snipers would have a way to heal themselves, though not to full. Maybe something like a self-use only kolto probe. I think the reason I'd like this is so that I can move into flanking positions and not drive the healers crazy because I'm not benefiting from their AOE heals. Snipers have that survivalist mentality to them, where they can support a team, but really, they are out there on their own.


3. I'd give them a version of stealth. Is there anything that brings more fear in a combat situation than watching your teammate die from a headshot, and then panicking to look for the muzzle flash to figure out where that GD sniper is? LOL


Anyways, I know, I know, before the "that'll never happen" replies come out, I know these will never be implemented. I just was curious what you would add to your favorite class to make it feel even more superb in your eyes ...

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When they gave dual saber throw to sent/mara, it was a dream come true. It was everything the class lacked, with no rage cost and a reasonable cooldown. Then they changed combat/carnage to an RNG spec and I cried. Now that its back to something fun, I love my mara again (and to a lesser extent, my sent, which was my main until the faction population imbalance caused me to return to imp side).
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My soon to be stolen kolto missile.


The ability to jetpack to a location, not jet charge, I select the ability and I put down a marker to a max range of 15m and I fly there.


Ability to equip and use a blaster rifle and generator with equal effectiveness as my two pistols because it is silly I cannot use a blaster rifle as a mercenary.

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Ability to equip and use a blaster rifle and generator with equal effectiveness as my two pistols because it is silly I cannot use a blaster rifle as a mercenary.


That would give you considerably less damage than equipping two pistols, as things currently stand, even if you had proficiency and all the abilities requiring two pistols were usable with blaster rifles.

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As a Jugg tank I would add.


1) Baseline Reflect. Every time you defend against a ranged weapon attack or shield a single target force or tech attack you have a 50% chance to reflect it back at the attacker (The less OP version would have an internal cooldown).


2) Remove the cooldown on leap and intercede, because jumping around in battles is my single favorite thing.


3) Give us a version of Unstoppable because all the CC I have to eat at the beginning of some trash pulls makes me rage.

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Well for Bounty Hunters I think an ability that would be cool flavor-wise as well as in usefulness without being gamebreaking would be a kind of Rocket Retreat ability. Allows the BH to jump to a targetted area some distance away. Maybe up the cool factor by having him shoot his target while retreating :cool:
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For the Sage:

1) The Force equivalent of Hammer/Med Shot (i.e. non-resource using basic attack/heal you can use on the move).

2) A passive that lets us apply our Willpower instead of Strength to our Saber attacks (so it can occasionally be more than a stat stick).

3) An actual Force Jump movement power that is either click based (i.e. click on a location within range and you jump there) or just boosts your jump height by X while it is active.


For the Commando/Vanguard:

1) Strafing Run (basically the equivalent of the Smuggler's Freighter Flyby attack)

2) An 'Oh Crap' escape button.

3) A Rocket Boost movement power like the Force Jump power above.


For the Gunslinger/Scoundrel:

1) (Gunslinger specific) An attack power that uses whichever of the tray full of the 'do lots of damage to one target with a 1-2s channel/cast and a 12-15s cooldown' is not currently on cooldown.

2) If you can't Beat them, Bribe them: Lose X credits (based on the target's hit points) to make it turn into a yellow NPC for you until the next re-spawn. This does not count as a defeat so it can not be used to achieve victory conditions.

3) A grappling gun movement power that works nearly everywhere instead of the rare hooks needed for datacrons.


For the Knight:

1) Give Kira a healing stance so she can be your healer instead of Doc if desired.

2) Force Jump (See the Sage above)

3) The ability to pull star cruisers out of orbit and drop it on entire zones... with your mind.

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If I could really ask for anything......and note, some of these abilities may already exist in the game in some form.


First, I would suggest this...



Cooldown: 120 seconds

Range: 4 m

Deals 196 energy damage and knocks back all enemies within 8 meters. Standard and weak enemies are additionally knocked down for 3 seconds. Does not effect enemy players.


Force Nova


Cooldown: 120 seconds

Range: 4 m

Deals 196 energy damage and knocks back all enemies within 8 meters. Standard and weak enemies are additionally knocked down for 3 seconds. Does not effect enemy players.


I am suggesting an ability similar to the original Overload and Force Wave ability that would be added back to the game. This ability would provide the 360 degree knockback at close range, have a reasonable cooldown and would not work in PVP (would not work on enemy players).


The old animation, with the trigger at the end would be used.


I would further suggest that a "palm push" animation that is used for some of the instant burst force lightning and similar Jedi abilities be used for Overload and Force Wave instead of the current animation. Would be a much better fit.



At any rate, here are three abilities per class, unique (not mirrored) so you can choose if any of them have merit.


Sith Inquisitor


Shockwave - Old overload ability. Only works in PVE (disabled for PVP).

Dark Consumption - AoE life leech attack, causes moderate damage (half of lightning storm) but heals caster for 50 percent of all damage done. Cast on the ground, can move out of effect area to avoid effect.

Dark Recharge - AoE force leech attack, causes moderate damage (1/4 of lightning storm) but recharges caster's force power for 50 percent of all damage done. Damages caster for same amount of health damage as targets. Cast on the ground, can move out of effect area to avoid effect.


Sith Warrior


Force Push - Can only be cast while force choke is active, works the same as current overload. Higher chance for knockdown than overload. Can pin target against walls and other objects temporarily.

Force Crush - Very short range AoE force choke, half the power of single target choke, small chance to cause disorientation. Does not work in PVP. Uses large amount of rage.

Obliterate - Can only be cast while force crush is active. Fires off strong dark force powered AoE shockwave that does tremendous damage to all in it's range, group member or mob, including yourself. Does not effect those not in your group or enemy players. Medium chance to kill weak or standard enemies instantly. Generates a high amount of threat. Reduces rage meter to zero.


Imperial Agent


Call reinforcements - Ability to summon three weak dark troopers to fight by your side, will not despawn until defeated or out of combat.

Malfunction - Ability to cause weapon malfunctions, reducing damage temporarily. Strong effect on droids and turrets.

Mind control - Ability to take control of enemy's mind using chemicals...target will temporarily become Agent's ally. Can only be cast on one mob at a time, very short duration. Does not work on droids or players.


Bounty Hunter


Snare - Grabs one enemy and pulls that enemy to you, disoriented. CC ability. Mob remains disoriented until damaged.

Fireball - AoE DoT, Fires gas canister that erupts in flame when it strikes the ground, burning anyone inside it's burn radius. Very effective against humanoid targets. Medium range. Can cause weak and standard NPC targets to run around in fear. Acts as natural barrier to mob movement.

Dropkick - Strong knockback attack on single target, acts as interrupt, same effect as current overload, animation similar to side kick.



Jedi Consular


Force Project - AoE at range, single target throw up close. Ability to draw large objects out of the ground and throw them at a small group of targets, or grab a single target close to you and throw that mob at another mob. Single target pull has a chance to fail, no chance against droids. Knockdown effect is strong if you throw one mob into another.

Force Quake - AoE ability, group knockdown at range for droids. Does not work against humanoid targets.

Force Hold - Can hold a single target frozen in the air indefinitely, target becomes immune to damage. Must remain motionless...any action will break the effect, including if caster is damaged or healed. Can be used on allies. Does not work in PVP.

Jedi Knight


Force deflect - temporary buff that will reflect all damage back to the mobs that cause it. Works on multiple targets, close range ability. Does not work in PVP.

Knockback - Must be cast while Force Deflect is active, throws back single target similar to current overload. Small chance to cause disorientation to weak and standard targets.

Force rally - temporarily increases accuracy, damage resistance and health regeneration for all group members and allies when cast. Increases threat. Can be cast during combat.



Focus fire - Single shot attack that strikes for 50 percent more damage and leaves target disoriented, attack must charge, can be interrupted. 50 percent chance to miss.

Confuse - AoE disorientation gas, allows Smuggler to break threat, takes out of combat. Does not work in PVP (no effect on players).

Quick - Consumption of spice, increases regeneration of all pools temporarily by 50 percent, long cooldown. Can be cast on others and used in combat.




Call droids - Ability to summon three weak droids that will heal all allies, remove negative effects and draw agro. Non-combatant droids. Will not despawn unless killed or combat ends.

Bodyslam - Direct attack ability, short range, that allows Trooper to pick up enemy and slam them into the ground. Very strong damage and disorientation. Can be avoided.

Sacrifice - Trooper can set a self destruct bomb on their person that will explode in a very strong AoE attack, short range raidus. Will reduce the Troopers health to minimal levels. Very strong knockback effect.

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For Marauder i would add.


Passive: Death Mark, marks the target for death when struck with gore. Increasing damage taken from all sources by 100% for the duration.


Active: Wrath of the Emperor, invokes the wrath of the emperor. killing all nearby weak enemies and stunning all nearby players for 3 seconds.


Active: Unstoppable Frenzy, Upon activation gives 30 stacks of berserk. increases move speed by 45%, provides immunity to controlling effects. and resets the cooldown of Wrath of the Emperor. (effects last 10 seconds)

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Sith Marauder


1) Force Push


2) Force Push


3) Force Push


The reason is that it's the most fun ability in the game for me in pve. And it doesn't make sense why they don't have either push or pull as both work wonderfully for the class. Juggs can also have our group buffs for balance.


Hack and slash gets old without some updated force powers. Choke is just not enough.

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BH: Jet to marker ability. Because I have them on my armor, let me use 'em. Want for troopers as well.


JK: Eh, don't play mine as often as I should.


JC: Conversation [Throw Rock] option like the SI's [shock] conversation option. I really, really want to throw rocks on Tharan to get him to stop hitting on my JC.


SI: don't play mine often enough to think of anything.


SW: [choke] conversation option for annoying statements by NPCs.


IA: Don't play mine as often as I should.


Smuggler: [smack] conversation option for every stupid NPC response. Corso really needs it sometimes. Usually an open hand, smacking the back of person's head.

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