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Smuggler bugged? aka Nothing works quite right on her.


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My poor smuggler. I leveled her from 1-50 and didn't have many issues with her. Eh, a few NPCs during her class story would I SWEAR zip and jet pack all up into my face, but nothing major that couldn't be worked around. (They were Imp officers not BHs and shouldnt be zipping everywhere)


But, when 2.0 came out and was brand new, she did the ENTIRETY of the Makeb storyline, from start to finish and her class log in STILL shows her as being in Interlude from finishing chapter 3, but not the newer Makeb Interlude for finishing chapter 4. It's been like this since 2.0 hit the streets and she finished the storyline.


THEN! There's the Rakghoul title bug on her butt. *sigh*


I know 100% for a fact I had taken her to the tunnels on Alderaan, Tatooine and Corellia and she is the only one of my girls (my main 8, not all 22 of them) who did not receive the title of The Rakghoul Nightmare. Grrr.


I know it's only a title and nothing that will break the game, but the point is, if I earn a title or reward for doing what is required, I would like to have it, even if all it does is grow dust and take up space.


Thank you.

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