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A simple way of adding diversity to Strongholds


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So I had an idea as I was looking at the list of Strongholds and their "types". Apartment, Sky Palace, Homestead - why not add these same types (as well as future ones) to the existing Stronghold locations?


Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting they do this instead of adding new types in new locations. They absolutely need to do that as well. But this would be a relatively easy (compared to only making new types in new places) way to add some diversity and cater to different people's likes and dislikes. All they'd have to do is use the existing layouts and simply add the "outside view" from the other planets (there will be exceptions, of course - it would be harder to make an apartment on Tatooine for one).


As an example, I personally much prefer the Coruscant/DK apartments to the huge Sky Palace and Homestead. Therefore, I would (if I could) rather have an apartment on every planet than a big palace I can never fill. Others might be vice versa, of course.



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