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One Year AJSA Event


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Hello everyone,


The AJSA (Angry Joe Show Army) is celebrating our first year.


What we intend to do here on JC is hold a raffle with prizes to give away in the Drummond Kaas Cantina.


What type of prizes are we talking about, Cartel Items, everything from emotes, pets, armor boxes, XP Boost, even some rare and expensive mounts.


We will start selling raffle ticket tomorrow (Monday the 10th of November) tickets will be 0 credits per ticket


You may purchase these from any AJSA Member, once I have been notified of your purchase you will receive an in game mail with your ticket numbers, these numbers will start at 1 and go upward.( please be patient with receiving your confirmation in game mail with numbers as I may not actually be in game at the same time as you) There is also a limit of ten (10) tickets per character, in the interest of fairness.


The drawing's (you did notice the plural 's didn't you) will be held on the Nov 15th starting at 7PM CST. The more entry's we get the more prizes we will offer, at the time of this posting we will be having a drawing every 5 minutes for one or multiple prizes. These drawing will continue until 8PM CST


This is a chance for everyone to get together a real meet and greet bring your friends bring your enemy's.




And if you're looking for information about the AJSA click Here

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