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[R] Semi-casual returning player looking for a guild that fits


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So, I came back for the 12xp.


I was always a fan of the game, just always got stuck on the way to level 50. Once I got my first character there back during launch, I was just sort of burnt out, and I didn't want to proceed into the endgame, didn't want to PvP, didn't want to run OPs, didn't want to gear up, nothing. I know that doesn't sound great but a lot of that was to do with the fact that I couldn't find a group of folks who fit me.


Played for about 3-6 months from beta to release back in 11-12, dropped it for reasons. Heard about the 12x and new expansion and wanted to come back and give it an honest shot this time around. There had been enough distance, so my MMO sense was itching again So, after leveling up a couple of guys from 1 to 55 in the course of a couple of weeks, I am really seriously getting the bug again.


BUT, at this point you really need to group up, and I had been doing this solo.


Well, crap: LFG.




I, like most people, work full time so I am going to be nowhere hardcore enough to run a bunch of NiM stuff or go for everything there is to be got (at least right off the bat). But, I would love to do some raiding at night or on the weekends.


Main thing is, I really am looking for a group that feels right. I am tired of getting online and seeing 1 or 3 guild members on. But on the flip side, I am a grown adult, I don't really want to be a part of a gigantic guild that has a military psuedo-structure where you're talked down to like a child if you can't devote 40 hours a week to this game.


I honestly don't know what I want out of a group; but if you're a decent bunch of active folks who don't take **** too seriously, you might be for me.




- I have characters both [E] and [R], but my main (and the ones I like to play) are [R], would prefer to stay there.


- lvl 55 Jugg, Sage, and Commando: prefer the ranged classes, I'm not really a tank.


- Pot5 is just where my legacy happened to end up, server merges and all.


- Would really prefer it to be at least an 18+ guild or majority so. Nothing against the kids, but I'm playing this game to relax from a day at work, not to be a second job.


- my main is "Coloss'al" in game you can catch me there, or I can find you.

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Hey Speak!


First of all, welcome back to the game! It's always nice to see peeps returning to SWTOR.


Now to the main point :rak_02: <Ex Inferno> is always recruiting players of all play styles (From casual to hard-core and both PvE and PvP).


Please take a look at our recruitment post in HERE or pay a visit to our site in HERE


If you prefer to speak with us please feel free to hop into our mumble server HERE

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