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Allow option to ungroup Pending Rewards


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Sometimes if you have multiple rewards/gathered resources waiting, I would like there to be an option to cycle through the rewards and accept them. Currently if you click the 'x' on one of the rewards pending, then all the pending reward window closes, preventing you from accepting certain rewards.


My scenario: I maxed out my ultimate comms for this week, so I am choosing to hold on, on receiving 2-3 rewards that would give me ultimate comms. However I also have about 2 missions worth of GSF rewards/gathered resources. However the ultimate comms reward is at the top, so I can't get to my other rewards until next week until I accept the ultimate comms reward. Furthermore, I can't pick up new missions or send out my crew on any crew skill missions because I have more than 3 rewards pending. This means I either lose out on 30+ ulti comms or be pretty much locked from doing any mission or using crew skills, which is not idea.


One option would be to add an option to allow you to click 'x' on each of your reward that way I can close the rewards for the comms and accept the other rewards.

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