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New Droid class Idea


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This idea is manly just my personal opinion with seeing all the different story's with droid companions Why not make a new class that is a advanced AI with different droid body's as the races it would be cool and I could see it working out in a future expansion just an idea to think of I want to know the community's thoughts as well


Body Types

HK's model

Scorpio's model

M1-4X's model

The empirial droids or any of the republic one

like the battle droids or the more human looking models


The skill trees could easily accommodate for tank, healer or dps depending on the advance class chosen

Advance class ideas

Siege [Tank or DPS]

Recon [Healer or DPS

Destroyer [pure DPS]

The idea for three options for this droid class idea is a good one because the third option could be for pvp mainly


Again this is just my opinion and I am sure this has been suggested once before. Also these ideas are for both game play and roleplay

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