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[SUGGESTION] Alternate Coloring and/or Symbol(s) for Heroic, Daily and OPS quests.


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Above the heads of quest givers, there is a yellow targeting triangle /_\ (dont know what else to call this, an icon?) signifying a quest is available, which then fills with a green dot to show a completed quest turn-in point.


I think it would be a good idea to either change the "icon", or alter the color of the "icon", based on the quest type being given, so we can tell at a glance and from a distance what type of quest is being offered. This would mean that those of us who want to specifically avoid (or seek out) certain kinds of quests can find them (or avoid lengthy conversations for quests we are going to drop) easier. The new icons and colors would also be visible on the minimap as well.


Currently, every quest uses the same symbol and color, with the only notable exception being when you complete a daily, the "icon" turns light blue. What I would propose would keep the existing coloring and "icon" for all normal quests and class quests. A new color or "icon" would be for Heroics, Dailies, and OPS.


As an example (note: just an example, I'm sure better ideas are out there)


Quest Type ||| Possible Color ||| Possible New Icon (just ideas, pardon my ASCII)


Class/Solo ||| Yellow (current) ||| Current Icon. /_\


Daily ||| Light Green ||| Square icon [ ]


Heroic 2+/4+ ||| Orange ||| Elite Gold Star (from mobs) -/|\-


OPS ||| Dark Red ||| Champion Star (from mobs) -=/|\=-


Thank you for reading this. I welcome creative feedback and suggestions.




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