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Dathomir Set Clipping


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I bought 5 hypercrates and got a full set of Dathomir Armor and when i put it on and sit in my Command Chair it clips like crazy. Also, when you use dye to get 2 color schemes the pants clip through the back of the robe.


For such a highlighted item and its rarity i expect much better quality. I don't see myself buying anymore hypercrates if the gear that comes in them is bugged like this.


Its as if you didnt even test this out using dyes at all because any dye you use ends up looking like crap.


Edit: I just tried this on my male character and the front of the robe shoots out hovering above the characters lap making it look like you have a giant flat wanger . Seriously guys this armor is pathetic so far...fire your designers and hire someone that tests this right before releasing such crappy made items.

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added info on males
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