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Droid Seeker and Alderaan is Bugged


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So ive been out here on Alderaan for 2 hours now and when you come into the area it says that my droid detects something in the area. So i start digging and i get a green arrow indicator. However as soon as i narrow in on the item i lose the green indicator and its now red.


Back tracking my steps i position the droid over a spot that previously gave me a green indicator and nothing shows at all still red. This has been happening over and over again on Alderaan. When i did this on Tat i found like 10 items in an hour no problem, but here on Alderaan its completely jacked and never actually leads you to anything at all.


Its as if the item im looking for vanishes or the area refreshes and its no longer there. I could understand this happening 1 time per hour or whatever the refresh time is but this is happening every 5 min or so.


2 hours of digging resulting in absolutely nothing tells me there is something clearly wrong here.


Also its important to note that im not a noobie to this quest, ive been doing it for some time now and tend to find my target within 4-5 droids.

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Are you using boost's for the droid? My first time experience with Alderaan was identical. I have read dulfy and some other posts here in forums before trying again. It was much easier the second time, though it did take a while.




Digging Tips


Be prepared to spend many many hours digging for these pieces. This is not something you can dig up in 5 minutes (unless you get lucky).

In addition to the armor pieces, you can find components for the GSI speeders, companion gifts, and reputation items so it is not a total waste of time.

If you are looking for a digging site that can be depleted and it isn’t there, switch to another instance of the planet or use the other digging sites.

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