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New Classes Droid Engineer and Beast Master


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Just thought I would share my suggestion. I was thinking it would be neat to have two new classes (1 republic, 1 imperial)


Note: Both classes would be similar for each side, with the differences being in story.


So the classes I was thinking of would be a Scientist General Class with a Beast Master or Droid Engineer type advanced class. The thinking was that story wise the character is a non-force user until they reach level 10. In their story line they can choose to follow the ways of the force-users of their faction (sith or jedi). If they choose this path then their advanced class would resemble something of a beast master where they use the force to summon beast that fight for them. If the player choose not to follow the ways of the force then the advanced class would be similar to a droid engineer, where they use droids to fight for them. I can see the Beast Master being pure DPS, while Droid Engineer could be Healer/DPS.


The scientist general class skills would be something that uses chemical warfare type abilities that mostly consist of DoT and AoE attacks.


Beast Master obviously would summon various beast or use abilities to command their summoned creatures that cause the creatures to do Direct Damaging attacks, or boost their attack stats


Droid Engineer would summon droids if they went the healer route they could summon medical droids that can either heal a group of allies at a lower healing rate, or a single player at a higher healing rate. Or the droid engineer can go the DPS route with abilities similar to the beast master.



So that was my thought


Feel free to comment

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