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Two Returning Members LF Semi-Hardcore/Hardcore Operations Guild


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Hi all,


My friend and I both played Swtor at launch. We stuck with Swtor for a year then decided to move on to other games. We are now returning for the Revan expansion and want to find a guild focused on Operations. I will be playing as a Jedi Guardian or possibly a Trooper. I would be open to playing as tank or dps depending on the needs of the group. My friend will be playing as a Jedi Shadow or possibly a Smuggler Scoundrel.




Accomplished complete clears of all WoW Wotlk raids including heroic as Raid Leader and GM (except 4/12 H 25 Man ICC, 6/12 H 10 Man ICC).


Raided hardcore for the time I played Swtor when it launched as a Sith Warrior tank.


Hardcore PvP in GW2 WvW for number one world. Acted as a Officer in my guild.


Played 16 different MMO's ranging from 4 months to 5 years.



My friend has a very similar background to mine as he was with me throughout it all.




PM me in game at Arro, or on the forums if we peak your interest!



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This progression thread gives you a pretty good idea of which guilds are teh most hardcore. I know many guilds are laying a bit low waiting for 3.0 to come out. If you're looking for a raid group now, Republic Honor Guard has 8(?) raid groups ranging from having fully cleared all hm ops and tooling around on NiM to ops groups doing storymode content for gearing up returning players.

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