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Coming: Descendant's Heirloom Saber/Dualsaber.....


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Addition: As I LOVE the Hilt Design of these! I think a good request would be:




For ages people have wanted Sword Swords! Here is the Chance, change the Plasma-Blade (When I say Change I mean Add + The Sabers!) but change-out the Saber effect for a Sword. Not a fancy high tech Sword that pops out both sides once activated, or even as weirdly looking as a Cather Blade. But just you know a Normal-Esk looking Sword.







*RP Expanded even in a slight way = Good!*

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Eh wasn't so sure where to throw it, and because of it being a Cartel Item *Shrug* lol.


As an added note if this were possible, for the love of anything make some swords at the hip not always on the back -.- lol.


It's a CM item so you put the thread in the SH section. Yeah I see how that makes sense.

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