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Hello all, returning again to the game after absent for 3 months. I am looking for a new guild which are friendly and willing to help newbie's like me.


I am a casual player, love Star Wars theme and previously a heavy KOTOR 1 & 2 player. Previously i ranked up my first toon up to lvl 55 quickly in a matters of weeks but realized I lost the fun in exploring details of each planet and the main story itself.


So recently I made a new toon which is now lvl 29 in a Rhe Ebon Hawk and willing to take more details to the aspects of the game; the storyline, the history, lores etc without rushing up to the max.


I am looking for a guild or other players who may have the same goal or playing style, which are more interested in the progress itself not only the result.


We will eventually reach the max level but was hoping to enjoy the game slowly and follow the flow. Any suggestions or hints?


Thanks in advance

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Hello and Welcome back to the game!


<New OutRiders> is always recruiting and is a casual, mature family-friendly guild that has been around since 1992! Our main focuses are PvE (lower tier and progression), Conquesting and a dash of PvP & RP and leveling- of course! :)


Check out our Recruitment Forum here on the swtor site & our website: newoutriders.org


Thanks and best of luck in your search! :)

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