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Another class advice thread..., sry guys..., but still need help


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Hey all,


Been trying to do a bit of research and with the x12 exp thing happening figured might be an option to come back and re-level something. Got lost somewhere between here and there with big patches and don't know what is in and out of fashion with the devs class wise, and what is effective and not realistically very effective.


I do a lot of PvE mostly, and occasionally when I have time I try to jump into a party to do an OP or what not. I have played most of the class story lines so far, and have tried a nice cross section of the classes. But since I am out of practice completely I wanted to start something over.


I like staying power and also damage. Being a paper buzz saw gets annoying after getting smoked over and over again. I would also like something that might be fun for a group to have around. So far I am seeing that a few of the newer content is not as melee friendly as people might like, ranged seems to do a bit better on some of the newer things, and apparently stuff like Sentinels/Marauder does not do as well in the defense department these days. I like the force using stuff, but never got into the shadow/sage side of things. Ranged wise, had done the BH side of the house, an assassin, and a gunslinger.


All in all just wanted some advice on the state of the game in terms of how some of the classes are handling content these days, and suggestions on which direction might be awesome to proceed for PvE survivability/DPS, as well as what people like in OPs. Thanks for helping an old timer back into the game guys.

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your welcome.


some more words: there are other easy classes too like sorc but with those you would feel a bit more squishy.


with a Juggernaut you can feel really kind of epic, especially when you get to lv 51 and get saber reflect. I don't know any ability of the juggernaut which really sucks, so you will have a lot of buttons to press if you want so. You can play tank and will get a group instantly, and you can dish out very good damage in dps spec. You don't PvP but this class is also cool in PvP.


I recommend leveling with rage spec when you get the most important abilities out of the tree, because with enrage you can auto crit with +xx damage every other group and clear trash mobs while leveling and in FP very fast. The Marauder for example needs his lv 46 skill or a skill on a very high CD to get those 3 charges.


enraged defense is probably one of the best DCDs in the whole game, it heals you up very fast. And Force Push ... very funny especially in PvP.


Intercede, also very nice. You will be very mobile with Force Leap, Force Push, Intercede and Obliterate.


Have fun.

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