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i'm waiting the miracle


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i want Character " Àbod " Transfer from US The Bastion to europe The Red Eclipse


i have big lag so my Contact is very bad in my country my ping is 600 so slowly and noisy


i'm really not only in bad mood but in the woressssttttttt one

i cant leave this game ( im SWTOR's addicate ) and you have to help me and enable the character to transfer from US to EU \ EU to Us

bus this is the simple right for all the SWTOR "S members


i do my best to make it possible and call the superviser MR, David but he refused saying " NO one can help you , make a new one "


why must i do a new characher in EU server When i have already an old character level 55 , full PVP ranked Gear in US server ?


according to your rough rules, we have to leave this game after we fall in it's love

who can help us and make the character transfer possibe who ???


i'm waiting the miracle :rolleyes:

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