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Thank you Bioware!!! Having a blast!!!


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Hello, I just wanted to write a quick thank you to Bioware. I've been having a great time in The Old Republic. So far I'm enjoying every aspect of the game. Haven't had any major problems and seen very few bugs. Launch was reltively smooth for an mmo and I'm enjoying the missions, storylines and even the grouping. I normally hate grouping in an mmo (I know it makes no sense seeing as how it's multiplayer Lol) So Thank you for the good times.


More things I'd like to see:


Continuation of the Legacy storyline system at end game. I love feeling like the main character. I enjoy how the npc's grovel to my Sith Lord and show respect to my Jedi. It's nice to finally not feel like just another grunt. No, fetch me ten bantha hides so I can stay warm this winter crap. All of the quests feel like major events.


More and more space combat. I really like it. Glad you went with a rails system instead of free roam. Star Wars Galaxies jump to light speed was just plain annoying to me. The space combat here is a fun distraction. I'd love it if you could somehow put pvp space combat in. Maybe do it just like the normal ones but let players take passes at each other. I don't know, just an idea.


One thing I think would greatly enhance the game is for some more sound effects in the cities and open areas. Maybe some background chatter, noise, construction, etc. You get the idea. That would really help with the immersion and for people who get annoyed hearing their footsteps all the time.


One last thing. It would be a good idea to have or hire a dedicated forum team just to talk with the playerbase and to help settle certain matters. I think your customer service is great but there's no such thing as too much when it comes to CS. Having people on the forums alot to talk with the players to reassure them about certain problems and features would go a very long way to appeasing the masses.


That's all for me. Great job so far. I hope this game is a huge success. It has so many possibilites. Just learn from wow and don't turn it into a hardcore raiding/pvp fiasco and you'll do fine. Thank you.

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