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Computer Crashes help with diagnosis


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I suppose this is as good as place as any to post this request for help, in January I built my own computer with the following basic spec (some info missing as I can't remember off the top of my head:-


Intel i7 4770

Asus Z87-Pro motherboard

Corsair vengeance LP memory

Corsair power supply (I cant remember the model but it's one of the modular ones)

EVGA 780ti graphics card.


On Saturday my computer started resetting itself with a message when the computer turned back on it told me that it did so to prevent power surges (despite being plugged into a power surge protected extension, which is then plugged directly into the wall). after this I did a quick goggle search which implied that if you are plugged into a surge protected item it should be OK to turn surge protection off just in case it was being "over protective".


Now even after this, every time I turn my computer on it will get to the windows screen (ie after logging on) but will only stay on for less than 5 mins where the screen will "loose the signal" sending the screen black, the keyboard and mouse lights are both still on along with the lights on the computer and it also appears as if the fans are still working.


Now since I don't really have any spare parts wo swap out to test I was going to try the following:


1) plug the computer into another extension to make sure that the surge protected supply is causing no problems.

2)try another power lead (silly since it does power on but will test anyway)

3) make sure it is not a problem with my graphics card by using the on-board graphics.


Then I am not sure where I would look or even if the above are worth trying?


Any help would be appreciated and sorry for the long post.

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