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Vorias Balkin... the final intro.. hopefully


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*since before release I've had one character I've put time into.. reinvented, but now I think I finally have his story locked down. Mixing some of every aspect I've taken him on here's the start. Feel free to reply, but this Thread is mostly to let the SW universe finally know who he is.*


ENTRY 1 "The Balkin Family"


The Balkin bloodline, though nonexistent in recent time, had a rich history reaching back to the time of the Force Wars. Bastian Balkin was, for better lack of term, a rebel in the newly founded Jedi Order. With a connection to the Force more deep than any of his brethren, he believed that it wasn't emotional detachment, but rather emotional understanding that kept a Jedi's balance and focus. His ideals were, of course, shunned by the others of the newly formed council. Though disappointed, he harbored no ill will, and even resigned himself to teaching any padawans under his tutelage the ways founded by his order.


A connection to the Living Force was rare, and often misunderstood among ancient Jedi, but Bastian embraced his connection allowing the Force to guide him in nearly every choice he made. He felt a serenity he found difficult to put into words. Along with that serenity he'd found insight, and visions of possible futures....


Entry 2... "The Journal"


Bastian's loyalty to the new found Jedi Order was as strong as cortosis, but the visions of his family... the future of his family... he couldn't let those go unknown. He grasped the concept that the future is ever in motion, changing, but he could not let this knowledge he'd stumbled upon go unrecorded.


In one vision he saw a young man so powerful, that he brought the Force itself into balance. In another he saw the future of his family.. a great great great great grandson faced with a choice, and possessing great power and focus. Beyond that the future of his lineage was clouded, so he began a subtle plan to hide this "grandson" of his from the minds of even the council. He left a journal to be passed on to his sons, daughters, and their children. The message passed in this journal.. "There will be many dark times, but one of us in the distant future will be the key to defeating a darkness that craves not to rule the galaxy, but to destroy it. He is not Sith, but something much darker... hide him, leave him not only a copy of this journal, but my knowledge and wisdom, and one thing from me.. " The Force is not a tool, it's not a weapon, but an entity that chooses who it allies with... be wise, be strong, and be who you are.."..."


Along with this passage Bastian left in the pages of his journal a pendant his wife, Porteen had made. Made of the new found metal cortosis with a sliver of a Solari crystal embedded in it. Along the circumference, in ancient Tythonian scrypt read, "The Balkins shall set the galaxy free"


Entry 3... "The Balkin of Vision"


A young Vorias stands on a cliff overlooking, what is now known as Kaleth. All he'd known was his surrogate family on Kashyyk, but here... here he felt... a connection. He closed his eyes, and saw greatness. In the very next instant he saw failure, darkness. With a shudder he opened his eyes, and pondered on, what he could only guess was some sort of vision of his future.


Confused, and lost in his thoughts, this young man bumped into a dark haired woman... literally bumped into her. After helping her to her feet he apologized profusely.. this woman was majestic, and.. he introduced himself.....


*time for din din.. more to come*

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