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Returning player LF PVP Guild


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Hello everyone. I'm a returning and very dedicated pvp player. I have two main toons, my operative and my sentinel. My operative is on POT5, but since their pub side is pretty terrible and hearing that The Harbinger is a most competitive pvp server nowadays, I decided to bring my sentinel here. I'm a little bit rusty because I stopped playing before season 1, but I still know the basics and I feel that I'm getting better. When I was at my peak, I used to play on very dominant pvp guilds on POT5 like I AM LEGEND and Rock Bottom (for a quick period that they were there. Itchy'eyes used to play on The Harbinger too, didn't he?). Right now I'm looking for a good pvp guild to play regs at least (of course, no good pvp guild would take me to play ranked arenas with min-maxed partisan gear lol). My sentinel's nickname is Al'paccino, so if any guild is kind enough to test a returning and right now heavily undergeared player, please contact me :)


P.S: my english isn't sooo great, please forgive me.

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