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Is there any list of bug fixes with the upcoming expansion?


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We have allot of things that need to be fixed and dozen of cosmetics bugs.

1) mounts and robes

2) draw distance / growing grass and rocks

3) textures



This I wish to get a revamp

1) character creator


Every expansion fix and revamps some things, so the question is, if bioware fixed any of that?

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Come on man, haven't you learned yet that they do not fix the bugs, only introduce new? That they do not provide the changes people want, but only those that all-knowing department of content control likes? I actually learned those sad facts after 2.5 years of playing this game...
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they have the code to fix the mounts... When we take a taxi speeder, the robes or capes, take the right potition, it doesnt fall down like in the mounts.


They could copy paste the code! :)

Or if they fix 1, they can fix all the rest without big effort.


but its sad, they dont want their game to be beautiful.


And its not old content, because even the expansion will ahve these things, is it? Or the new mounts from the packs? so its not an old content, they just love things to be broken (?)...


That is why, when the devs making streams, they use a kind of speed tool to run arround, they never mount... (they avoid showing off the things they dont fix).

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