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Returning former Beta Player


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I have played on and off since the Beta. Before that I played the Beta played this games Kotor 1 and Kotor 2 more or less Swtors sequels. I looking for a guild preferably one of the Prophecy Of The Fives Elite guilds hence the best one possible.

I have 2 level 55s 2 alts in there 40s and about 7 alts around 15-20. With the 12x class xp boost l class eveling shouldn't be a problem.

I play Empire mostly but I have rolled a few republic characters but there only around 20. I am hoping the guild can bring me up to speed as I am a little rusty.

My Bounty Hunter Powertech has full black Market Gear which was good at some point. I would prefer a guild with a flagship.




Only requirement is a guild with a team speak server



Post and I will make a reply ASAP. It is Halloween afterall.

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