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Making utility-swapping easier


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Currently, if we want to make even the tiniest respec, we have to reset our entire skill tree and build the spec from scratch. With utilities on the horizon, I feel like my idea would be a very nice change to how things work.


So. Would it be possible to allow just small changes to utility without having to replace them all? Like, say I want to swap one of my T2 utilities to another. Based on one of the streams, I'd have to reset and redo all my utility choices. Would it not be much simpler to just let me remove one and replace it with another?


Letting us switch utilities one at a time would, in my mind, strengthen the very idea of utilities: usually you want to just switch one or two points around, in preparation for the next fight. Making that easier could be a fairly significant quality-of-life improvement. =) I foresee myself switching utilities like once per boss in the new ops. =D




PS. I hope you like this idea, apologies if I was unclear about something, typing this at 3 AM due to flu-induced lack of sleep. :S


PPS. Super-excited about utilities over here! That's exactly why now felt like a good moment to mention this idea that's been going around in my head pretty much since launch. ^^


PPPS. Just a brief mention of my other idea. There seem to be a lot of abilities that replace others (such as lightning ball replacing shock and the snipe turning into a poisonsnipe). Would it be possible to automatically replace those skills on the bars when they're gained/lost? So, say, when I spec Virulence, the snipe on my hotbars is replaced by poisonpewpewsnipeything (so it e.g. retains the same hotkey), and when I spec back, Snipe gloriously return to take up its rightful place on my bars again.

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