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Mannquins to display armor sets in Strongholds


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My suggestion I thought of this morning is the addition of Mannequins to strongholds. The player would be able to display their armor sets, throughout the strongholds. I think the stairwells are perfect places to line up all my unique armor for visitors to view. it would also allow BW/EA to sell seasonal/optional armor sets on the Cartel Market.

I was thinking of mannequin's like Skyrim's, or a purchasable NPC that could wear the armor might also be an option.



Crissari 55 Operative

Krissari 55 Sith Sorcerer


"The Jedi are a religious cult that force children to adopt unnatural traits, such as becoming an unfeeling, purely logical beings. The Sith on the other hand teach children how succeed by embracing their nature as emotional beings. The Jedi vs. Sith war is a proxy war, it is a war of cultures: Science vs. Mysticism"

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