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<Clan Brevyc> - Empire - Heavy Mandalorian RP/PvE


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<Clan Brevyc> is a new Mandalorian-themed guild that focuses heavily on RP and PvE with light PvP (including open world RP-PvP with other guilds and Warzones). The majority of our focus is on developing characters, being Mandalorians, and developing stories in the world of SW:TOR.


For RP, we will work with other clans on the Jung Ma stories to develop stories and make interesting interactions with the other clans. Being an RP guild, we have certain expectations of our members' conduct and appearance in-game. Furthermore, we only accept blaster-wielding classes such as Bounty Hunters and Imperial Agents. More information about our rules and policies can be found in the News and Announcements section of our website.


For PvE, we are not a progression guild, but we will conduct runs for Operations and Flashpoints. Some runs will be done IC and others will not.


If you would like to see more information about our guild or to apply, then you can take a look at our website at http://clan-brevyc.enjin.com/home. You can contact me on the SW:TOR forums or post below with any questions, but you can also contact me in-game at Drevenya or Vozza.

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