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Saber reflect animation bugged for male Guardians/Juggernaut


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Okay. This is starting to bother me a lot.


Whenever I activate saber reflect on my male juggernaut or guardian ( I have both ). They stutter awkardly for like 0.5 seconds. While my female juggernaut does the Revan move from the Kotor flashback. I am sure that some of you remember it, he points his saber towards the enemy, holding the saber with both hands at around head level.


Is this a known bug? It's as if no one is aware of it or something.

Perhaps I've just noticed it because I play both female and male juggernauts.

It really sucks, because I LOVE that move on my female juggernaut. It's a very iconic move as a kotor fan.


It just sucks that it's bugged so badly on my male characters :/.

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