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Followers of Destiny - Shadowlands - Republic - PVE - EST - Casual - Mumble - 18+


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We are "Followers of Destiny" or FoD for short. We are a friendly guild who welcomes casual players. Some of our members have been friends online together for years. We'd like to recruit more people that are looking for a permanent home. Not everyone will be accepted (we are not a fly-by guild invite types) Recruitment is a process and as we get to know you, membership may be granted. Please only apply if you're interested in creating long lasting friendships with our members.


Followers of Destiny requirements for membership.

•North America (usa/canada) PvE guild EST

•Mumble voice server (required)

•18 + years of age, casual/mature gamers only.

•Helping and teaming with others is the primary focus in FoD.




(a multi-game community) Arma - DC Universe - Elderscrolls online - Lord of the rings online - Minecraft – Stwor(Republic, Shadowlands)

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