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Legacy Tree Expansion


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One thing that has bummed me out about the Legacy Family Tree is the fact that you can only have one "connection type" going out each side of any given character on the tree. Makes sense for Legacies that would have parents and children with only one or two "breaks" in the tree somewhere, but if you wanted to have various characters allied with one or two characters - say, a "team" of allies around your primary Republic and Imperial characters who are themselves rivals to each other - you're stuck with making a huge chain of them out to the side and forcing them to be allied to each other, but not back to the main character.


Probably sounds confusing, so let me try to give an example:



Bill, Mary, Jack, and Sue are Republic characters. All are allied to Frank. Currently, you could - at most - set two of those allied directly to Frank, and everyone else would have to be an ally of whoever's connected to Frank.


Rick, Jane, Sharon, and Mark are Imperial characters. All are allied to John. John is a rival to Frank. This immediately removes one of the two allies Frank has to replace it with a rivalry with John, and vice-versa.


Would it be possible to have Frank and John still be marked as rivals, and still be able to set Bill, Mary, Jack, and Sue as allies directly to Frank and not forcing them to daisy-chain off of him and onto each other?




Another suggestion along this line would be different types of "children." If Frank has two children, currently they're either both his natural children or they're both adopted - I don't believe you can set one as his natural child and another as his adopted child.



Yet another suggestion would be for allowing multiple "looping" relationships - for example, John and Frank are rivals. They each have two children. One child from each is allied with each other, and are rivals with the other two children, who are in turn allied with each other. This might be too complex for the current system, or even to be thought possible even after overhauling the system to do some of this other stuff, but still - pipe dreams and all.




Star Wars is all about odd, confusing lines of who's who and how they're related or allied to each other. Being able to replicate some part of that I think would be really neat. Nothing as absurd as a potential "I'm my own grandpa" setup, but at least in regard to allies and rivals and such, let us make a family tree, not a family line.

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As a small example, I have a patron and matron of my legacy, who have had three children. Most of the family aligns themselves with the Republic, but one "black-sheep" is an Imperial. She has an Imperial "friend" (ally), but it would be nice to be able to identify him also as an enemy to the patron of the family (daddy DOES NOT approve). Being able to define how each character is related to ALL of the other characters in a legacy would make the system so much more usable and friendly.


Maybe look at Ancestry.com for a more robust family "tree", rather than simply a family "line" (as stated by the OP).

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