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Add Rainbow Lightsaber Crystals to the Cartel Market.


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Okay a bit much, but . . .


EIT: I've got to believe that in a WZ, the person who shows up with one of those gets beat down first, just on GP. Even his own team mates would be like "Go ahead kill him. I ain't healing his arse."


Which is all well and good, but as long as the game allows soldiers to run around in pink lingerie, there are no grounds for saying this is worse.

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Is that the crystal Vader used on Gay Pride day?



But seriously, when people ask why Disney is not being as open to the EU as they'd like, give them this link.

Whoever came up with this...thing should never be allowed to write, design or even communicate his ideas to anyone ever again.


Dark Dreams is a mush. It's not part of the Expanded Universe or anything else under the official Star Wars brand. Someone heard of rainbow gems of Gallinore and thought, "a rainbow lightsaber!" so they made a picture of one. They did a pretty terrible job photoshopping it, too.

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