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Republic Bounty Hunter - Empire Smuggler


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This may have been suggested before, but from a "canon" point of view, I can't see any reason not to have a Republic Bounty Hunter or, especially, an Imperial Smuggler. I don't know what would be involved in coding such a thing but the two classes are somewhat the same and the story lines are similar, so maybe a Republic BH could essentially use the same quest line as Smuggler and vice versa.
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Um.... Their Storylines are not even remotely the same. Smuggler Smuggles then loses their Ship then have to go get it back followed by searching for the GOLDEN VAULT OF WEALTH. Bounty Hunters hunt Bounties while getting into the Great Hunt. That's just the 1st Chapter alone.


Also, they've already stated that they are NOT going to add new Classes. Oh and just to let you know, this is what is all involved with adding New Classes to this Game:


4 Class Voice Actors (1 Male Imp, 1 Female Imp, 1 Male Rep, 1 Female Rep)

Possibly 10 Companion Voice Actors (5 per Class, less if they get some of the other VA's to do the VA's for the new Companion's as well)


Getting EVERYONE together to record Conversations


2 New Original Storylines (3 Chapters per Class)

New Origin/Starting Worlds

PVP Balancing (Got to make sure New Classes aren't OP/UP compared to current Classes)

Choosing Starting/Advanced Class Weapons for the New Classes

Choosing Starting/Advanced Class Armor Type for the New Classes

Creating 10 New Companions (5 per Class)

Creating 10 New Companion Storylines

Deciding on if there are any connections between New Companions and existing Companions

Creating Conversations between Current & New Companions if there are any connection

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To make a "new" class would involve all that, but there would be less to do considering that BHs and Smugglers already exist. So, get on with it! :D


EXCEPT for the fact that the Storylines for the REPUBLIC Bounty Hunter and IMPERIAL Smuggler have to be unique between not only each other but ALSO cannot be the same as the already existing Classes.


MEANING, the Storyline of the Imperial Smuggler cannot be the same as the Republic Smuggler nor the same as any other Class.


They are NEW Classes, therefore they would have NEW Voice Actors & Actresses, they would have a NEW set of Companions.

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