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Dread Seed/Star Forger Armor tokens


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Before you label me as just another entitled brat, I just want to say that I've already collected 2 full Dread Seed sets and 1 Star Forger, but as a fan of Dread Seed armor (and the opportunity to roll another toon fast, thanks to 12xp) I'd like to get another armor set.


Getting the armor is very painful. In the process of collecting these 3 sets, I've dug out 4 cargo bays (this is not exaggerated) of speeder parts and still have 14 spare armor pieces (several hands, few belts, few bracers and some pants). From what I've heard from others, this is not bad luck or lack of experience how to dig, it's same for everyone.


My suggestion is not to make things easier, but to make it a bit more meaningful. Instead of digging for specific armor pieces, which currently results in digging out duplicate pieces, we would dig out tokens and then exchange them for pieces we need (like relic tokens from FPs).


Keep in mind that you would need more then 1 token for 1 piece of armor, this means that total number of successful diggs to collect full armor set would probably be almost the same as now, but there would be no duplicate pieces and you would have a choice which armor set you want to collect.


This can also be a way to reintroduce seeker droids. Every end-game planet or daily area can have diff tokens that can be swapped at some reputation vendor, while existing corrupted areas would yield tokens for Dread Seed/Star Forger armor. These new tokens don't have to be just limited to armor, but also for pets, mounts, decorations etc.

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