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Map Breaking with Emelc Vrand


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So I decided that I'd finally conqueror Alderaan's mountain range today with my friend.


Here are the fruits of my travels.







And a bonus picture, not sure what this random droid is, I've seen these scattered around a few areas on planets, they don't have a name when you mouse onto them, not really sure what the meaning of them is, anyone know?



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Oh, interesting. I had a hunch that's what it was for.




Photos from Dromund Kaas!



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If you scan every single one with your macrobinoculars you get a droid pet. They are on most of the planets in the game. It's not a quest you are given as such (it doesn't track in your quest log), you just go out there and do it like with datacrons.


But you do need to have at least started the macrobinoculars questline to get some macrobinoculars. You don't have to have finished it, though.

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